lsst.ts.salobj.set_summary_state(remote, state, settingsToApply='', timeout=30)

Put a CSC into the specified summary state.

remote : Remote

Remote for the CSC to be enabled.

state : State or int

Desired summary state.

settingsToApply : str or None

SettingsToApply argument for the start command. Ignored unless the CSC has to be taken from state State.STANDBY to State.DISABLED.

timeout : float

Timeout for each state transition command and a possible initial summaryState read (sec).

states : list [State]

A list of the initial summary state and all summary states this function transitioned the CSC through, ending with the desired state.


This function assumes the CSC is listening to SAL commands. If the CSC is not running then this function will time out (unless the last reported summary state has been cached and matches state.